We read the manuals so you don't have to.
Bought a new Mac with all the latest and greatest accessories (iPod, Printer, Scanner, PDA, etc) and wish you could snap your fingers and have it up and running? We'll get your new equipment up and running in no time - and even impart you with the knowlege you need to show your equipment who's boss.
Decided to "do it yourself" and got stuck?
Tired of having to drag your Mac to the repair shop whenever there's a problem? Hate it when the problem "mysteriously" does not occur when the technician tries to duplicate it only to go back home or to the office and find it waiting there for you? Why not just bring the technician to you? We'll find the problem in the comfort of your own home or business - without the hassle of dragging your Mac to the repair shop!
We'll fix the problem without creating others.
Have you ever had repair work done only to find out later something else isn't working? Yeah, we've seen what the other techs can do, too.

Need to pay an invoice?

Satisfaction guaranteed
If you're not completely satisfied with our service - we'll make it right.
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